O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree,

How lovely are your branches!
Not only green in summer’s heat,

But also winter’s snow and sleet...

Who doesn’t know the song?

Even if it no longer snows in winter and if it does, then all too rarely; even if the sacred meaning of Christmas has long since transformed into a commercial boom and an annual peak of capitalism and the climate crisis. With mountains of rubbish of packaging and wrapping paper with shiny stars, white snowy landscapes with reindeer, little angels and overweight Santa Clauses as well as leftover food and millions of cut-down Christmas trees, which usually end up on the street just a few days after the Christmas eve, every year, again and again, is celebrated ever more magnificently.

Every year at Christmas people sing the holy Christmas carol by candlelight, shop, eat and drink excessively… and produce 20 to 30% more waste.

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